Open Your Own Store

Interested in starting your own business? Love gourmet popcorn and candy?  Let City Pop help you fulfill your dreams and teach you how to open your very own shop!  In the first year, our business hit the ground running and generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue due to our expertise, previous business experience, and delicious recipes.  Our flagship store is very successful - turning a profit within its first 7 months!

City Pop has built a reputation in Denver by delivering the finest quality popcorn using only the best ingredients.  Our popcorn is made from real cheeses, made-from-scratch caramel, and delicious candy coated popcorn creations.  We strive for the best quality and are continually creating new flavors and processes to make our product the best.  Testing new flavors and creations is in our DNA; our store is frequently challenging our customer’s taste buds by creating weekly flavors. 

We set ourselves apart by offering samples of all seventy flavors which keeps our customers coming back each and every week.  Customer service is our top priority and what makes us stand apart from competitors. 

Our in-store, hands on training is conducted in our very own kitchen, in downtown Denver. At City Pop you will learn not only how to make our very own successful recipes - but also how to start your business from the ground-up.  If you are unable to attend our on-site training, packages are available for us to come to you! 

Preview Chris showing us how to make a delicious batch of Toffee Almond:

There is no initial charge to consult with us by email, telephone, or a visit to our store for more information, plus we’ll answer any questions you might have, on starting your own gourmet popcorn store. If you decide to train with us - we will provide a detailed recipe book that outlines step-by-step instructions to make your own delicious popcorn.  We provide advice on how to find and rent retail space, set up and merchandise your store, and where to buy your ingredients, products, and machines.  Some offered packages include having us travel to your store and train you on everything you’ll need to know to get started. Let City Pop help you turn the key for success! 

No matter your previous experience or prior business knowledge, City Pop can provide the tools to help you open your very own successful gourmet popcorn store.  If you are interested in additional information, please download our consulting package and complete email us to set up an initial consultation.

Take a preview of how to make our delicious and colorful Cotton Candy Popcorn!


Read what our previous trainees say about training with City Pop!

"My City Pop training experience was a real eye opener. Meeting Chris, Zach and the team was a great experience and they taught us every aspect of running our own business. Many businesses start up and have a lot of teething pains. This consultation may have eliminated years and many dollars’ worth of mistakes. We took as many pictures and videos as we could and he answered all our questions and concerns we had. It definitely made a difference going on this training since we now had a better understanding of what to expect and how to run a successful gourmet popcorn business. I feel this helped us a great deal as we now know what to expect and what to do when we open our doors. It was an awesome hands-on experience! You will get down and dirty …. Their team had a great deal of patience and were extremely pleasant. I recommend anyone wishing to open a gourmet popcorn shop to contact Chris and the team at City Pop in Denver. They will not disappoint!!"

-Wolette Smith

"The 2 days that we spent training with Chris, and team, was a huge eye-opener! I knew that opening a gourmet popcorn business wasn’t going to be easy but without this training there would have been a LOT of trial and error (mostly error). Chris, and his team, welcomed us like part of the family and taught us everything and more, that would not only allow us to run a business but a successful one at that. Very grateful to Chris and his team at City Pop because without these 2 days of training it would’ve equated to months of extra work on our behalf if we hadn’t! Would definitely recommend the training from City Pop if you plan on opening a gourmet popcorn business, or simply feel that you would like to brush up your skills! Thanks again to everyone at City Pop!"

-Deshun Simmons

"Training with Chris was extremely helpful. He's very organized and passionate about his popcorn business. Our profits and sales have increased already!"

- Kevin Westholter


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